Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management


Our mission is to acquire form of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management contracts to support our customers with a thorough service for projects of different complexity, coordinating the whole project engineering, from supply/purchase to construction, to fulfill contractual timing and methodologies required, in Industrial, Naval, Oil & Gas and Civil business.

Through its flexible and broad-spectrum structure, ASC BULDINGS s.r.l. can offer a wide range of services tailored to commitment scope and requirements: feasibility studies, engineering, and product engineering, supply, construction and installation of products or “Operation” activities (site managing, planning, survey e commissioning).

When required can support “Transition” processes such as training and development or settlement and troubleshooting of specific operational problems by means of the attendance of senior experts to train, tutor and / or coaching junior resources.

Our Service

Integrated Engineering


With more than 20 professionals (naval architects, marine engineers, civil engineers, architects, junior and senior project specialists)

Carpentry Manufacture


Either in steel or light alloy, prefabrication and assembly of hull blocks / sections; simple / complex artifacts care of yards or corporate specialized workshops comprising more than 100 operators with different qualifications (carpenters, welders, assemblers, etc.)

Installation Plants


Pipework, air conditioning and ventilation, electric plants, automation and mechanical installation) with a wide range of activities: bench manufacture, prefabrication of pipelines and ducts for ventilation and air conditioning, survey and installation at on shore yards, off shore and dry docks by means of more than 80 operators with different qualifications (piping and duct carpenters, welders, electricians and cable installers, etc.)

Interior Design


Development of turnkey projects, from concept to modelling and rendering, including production drawings of fittings, construction and assembly of furniture by means of more than 80 operators with different qualifications and 20 more workers such as qualified carpenters in naval and civil furniture

Team Management

Aquilano Saverio

Graduated in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at Università Federico II in Naples, completing the course of studies started at Italian Navy Academy in Livorno, as Navy Officer with the degree of Chief Engineer. Member of the Register of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers in Foggia with qualification exam passed in Naples and Member of the Register of Professionals for Coast Guard in Termoli Port.

Siniscalchi Antonio

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering. Qualified as Mechanical Engineer and Industrial Engineer. Member of the Register of Industrial Engineers and Graduated Industrial Engineers of Naples’ Province, Official Technical Consultant for the Court.


If you have any queries or questions regarding our services and would like to speak to someone, please send an email to

Aquilano Saverio

Tel: +39 340-7996880


Siniscalchi Antonio

Tel: +39 347-3451792